The picture of a girl on roller skates is Joanne. She and I used to skate in front of the “trailer place” as it was always referred to. The buildings were set far back from the street which was good for skating.

Mother started school at three years of age in first grade, attending the one room schoolhouse where her mother (Mabel Palmer Knaggs) taught. At 11, by then a sophomore, she won a medal for being the best typist in her class, and completed high school at 13. The school said that was too young to graduate, so she was a secretary in the superintendent’s office for a year and graduated at 14.

Dad’s schooling. When he finished 8th grade he went to business school. (He was always able to read Mother’s shorthand!) After he completed that course, Lillian, a girl that he liked very much, said that she couldn’t be interested in a boy who hadn’t gone to high school. So, he did. I believe he dropped out to join the Navy either during his sophomore year or at the end of it.

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